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Top 5 Soft Skills for Software Developers — according to a Solution Architect

The job scope of a software developer may seem so technical, that we overlook the other set of skills equally important to hiring managers nowadays — soft skills.

In order to be well-prepped for your next job interview, you would probably google something like “top soft skills required for Software Developers”. No doubt, you’ll find at least 50 soft skills that you could start working on today… And yes they might be great and valuable to have in life but — and this is a big BUT — they won’t get you anywhere in the domain of software development.

According to our Chief Solution Architect with more than 20 years of experience in the industry — of which he helped MNCs to hire technical talents for 5 years — you basically only need five essential soft skills to start off your career as a software developer!

Top Soft Skills for Software Developers according to Google

First, let’s see what Google tells us. We’ve gathered the top soft skills we could find that Google suggested software developers should have.

The top 5 soft skills that show up on our top search results are:

1. Empathy

2. Communication skills

3. Teamwork

4. Adaptability

5. Drawing skills

While these are very valuable soft skills, our Chief Solution Architect insists that the top 5 soft skills for software developers are none of the above.

Top Soft Skills for Software Developers according to our Chief Solution Architect

You want to land a job as a software developer? Here is a round-up of the top 5 soft skills that we definitely require you to have at our company!

  1. Be a problem-solver

  2. Be self-reflective

  3. Pay attention to details

  4. Be resilient

  5. Have Work Ethic

Why do we think these are important soft skills to have? After holding close to 100 candidate-interviews, combing through more than 300 resumes, and of course a solid 20 years of work experience in the industry, these 5 skills proved to be the ones that get you places!

But why do we need soft skills?

Over the last few years, the standard workspace environment has been in a constant motion of change. According to PMI’s Tomorrow’s Teams Today report, more than half of businesses are reorganising themselves to accommodate projects and programmes by setting up more virtual workplaces.

Moreover, according to Digital Ocean’s Remote Work Currents report, 86% of developers work remotely to some extent, during one or all stages of a project. Almost half of the respondents (43%) also consider the ability to work remotely, as a must when considering an offer with a company.

We will continuously face challenges in technology and in organizations, that are outside of our standard norm. Acquiring a good set of soft skills will help you adapt to these changes. Working on your soft skills means gaining better interpersonal skills, allowing you to become a better peer to your employees and foster your intrinsic values that will also benefit you in your day to day endeavors.

Master a few of these skills ahead of your job interview and rest assured you will set yourself up for success!

1. Be a problem-solver

You can be a problem solver in many ways. Even better, you can (and should) be an efficient problem-solver.

For example:

  • You know you won’t have enough time to prepare your breakfast in the morning so you prepare it the night before. Problem solved!

  • You choose your work attire the night