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Software Development Outsourcing

We provide you with the best possible software development services. Our dedicated teams are ready to help your company, organization, or project. We do our best to meet your needs and requirements, thus becoming your trusted partner for building sustainable and scalable digital solutions.

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SoftwareQ features a comprehensive architecture model and pricing strategy for easy onboarding. Our architecture is cross-platform and cross-technology and is based on microservices architecture patterns. This makes development and deployment simple, quick, and scalable while enabling you to adobt the appropriate technology stack for each purpose.

We use the T-shirt metaphor for a user story or function and a predefined price for each size to simplify estimating costs. Based on your budget and timeframe, we can determine how many features we can develop.

Our architectural principle we follow

SoftwareQ's Architectural Concept

Types of Software Development Projects we usually work on:

1. When you want to start a new greenfield project

2. When you want to develop modules based on your current framework and architecture.

3. When you want us to migrate your current architecture from legacy systems to modern, microservices-based architectures

Cloud-based and On-Premises

We strongly emphasize building projects on the Microsoft Azure cloud. We also work with clients on-premises if their infrastructure supports our microservices-based design.


Our architecture is flexible and scalable it will suits you whether you are developing an application for a small business or a large corporation.

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Our Pricing Model

We categorize all tasks in t-shirt sizes based on the criteria mentioned below. The mentioned prices are rough estimations and shall be used as a guideline rather than a fixed price.

T-Shirt Size
Estimated Price (in €)

Pricing approaches that we use at SoftwareQ:

  1. Mile stone based (bundle of user stories)

  2. The amount of accepted user stories per month

  3. The amount of accepted user stories per Iteration (two, three or four weeks)

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