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Recruitment Process: How we find and hire the best candidates for our customers

Finding and hiring the best candidate for our customers is never an easy task. You need to have the experience and ability to confirm the information in CVs or resumes. You additionally need to have a remarkable superpower that enables you to assess their technical and personal skills. Not being an agency but a solution provider, SoftwareQ knows how an efficient and effective recruitment process is vital to ensure that your recruiters can find the best candidates for your projects.

So, when is the time to start looking for the right candidate?

The recruitment process should be initiated once the workload is increasing, the backlog gets stuffed with new projects and overdue tasks, you feel that your team desperately needs help, and you’re short on resources. Or if there’s a new intake of employees, a change of assignments, or a resignation.

At SoftwareQ, we focus on building software solutions for our clients. We will look into our candidate selection criteria before recruiting. When a new project comes in, we develop a detailed project delivery and resources plan. This plan is meant to meet the client’s requirements and specifications.

Once the requirements are specified, we first check if our developers at SoftwareQ are available, if not, we will start the recruitment process to hire more team members. Our team will allocate the best candidates to their respective projects.

Based on the requirements we gather from our clients, we advise on:

  • The project architecture and Infrastructure, and best practices

  • Technology choice,

  • Project management approach,

  • Best team size and roles required for the given vision

Steps of the Recruitment Process we take at SoftwareQ

In this article we would like to discuss the key steps of recruitment process we take in SoftwareQ, please kindly check the infographics with the detailed process of our recruitment we follow.

Adopt the Job Description

We identify the hard and soft skill sets needed, adopt the job description and initiate the recruitment process. Our team will start looking for candidates since our engineers are usually busy with long-term projects

Talent Search and Candidate Selection

The next step is to post the job opening on our LinkedIn page, dedicated job platforms and our website. We do also post on our social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Usually, we receive many applications, do the active outreach and review their qualifications, expertise before we schedule the first interview.

Interview Process

Our usual interview consists of two parts.

During the first step of the interview process, the candidate goes through a technical discussion. We will assess their technical knowledge, hard and soft skill sets. We will also evaluate their English proficiency unless our customer has specified other languages.

Once the candidate meets the requirements, we will proceed to scheduling the second interview.

What are we expecting in the second interview?

The second interview is about soft skills and behavioral assessment. We all know that organizations nowadays are not looking for silo employees. People who are good at communication, stakeholder management, leadership, and teamwork will build a more robust project team than a person who scores high in technical knowledge but isn’t strong at soft skills.

We need people with critical thinking skills and who are creative and innovative. During a project, there are many brainstorming sessions, standup meetings, progress updates. Candidates are expected to be creative enough to design the solutions. They are expected to think critically to analyze, evaluate, and take decisions. In addition, they need to be outspoken, not afraid of sharing thoughts, and open to accept feedback. We want our team members to speak their minds, provide suggestions, highlight the issues, and develop an agreeable solution. Everyone needs help from someone else, and in SoftwareQ, we put quality as the top priority.

Candidate Selection and Introductory Session

By this stage of the recruitment process, we can now recognize and identify whether the candidates are an excellent fit. Candidates will have an introductory session with the client only if it is required. The candidate selection is almost complete. Next will be a discussion on the contracts regarding the perks and benefits. When both parties reach a consensus, that is the deal!

Expectations and continuous Learning

After the recruitment process is finished, there will be an onboarding session with the project team to understand the requirements, guidelines, and expectations and start engaging with the project.

In SoftwareQ, everyone continuously learns and gains new skills and knowledge! We embrace all technologies, and our employees get to know cutting-edge technologies. We make sure our engineers use the latest software and hardware.

As we strongly believe, that the employees are the most valuable assets in every organization, and they need support too. That is the responsibility of our experienced Operations Managers and Project Managers.

So now, get ready for a whole new experience and start your project with us today because we have the best software development teams you need to build your solutions and your business. Get in touch!


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