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Scalable Architecture

SoftwareQ specializes in cloud solutions architecture, offering scalable and reliable end-to-end solutions tailored to your organization's specific needs. Our experienced developers create custom architectures that are optimized for cost-efficiency, scalability and availability, allowing your business to stay competitive in today's digital world.





Capacity issue is not a Scalability Issue

Some use cases that we have encountered in our daily lives include when our mobile internet does not function in specific locations because of traffic or pollution in one area that wants to use the network or when many people are using the WiFi at your favorite cafe at once, and it is too slow. These are illustrations of capacity challenges rather than scalability problems.

SoftwareQ advises clients to utilize a cloud provider like Microsoft Azure, which has far higher capacity and availability than on-premises or bare metal infrastructure, to tackle the capacity challenge in software development in our new digital environment.

Scalable Databases

A scalable database is essential for a cloud-based solution to be highly available and elastic. A scalable database is required for a cloud-based solution because it must be able to scale up or down as the demand for its services changes.

In SoftwareQ, we maximize the utilization of scalable and elastic databases such as Azure Cosmos Db, Microsoft Azure SQL database, and Mongo DB. In some cases, we use scalable PostgreSQL or MariaDB

Several international websites, such as e-Commerce sites, have customers from all around the world. Clients in Singapore are likely browsing the website at night when most Americans are sleeping. Since there is essentially no variation in load and usage patterns, scaling up or down isn't necessary.


But can you picture how expensive transactions and data transmission would be over time if data from Singapore customers had to go to the United States and back? In this situation, scaling out instances for Singapore near clients allows for a more streamlined experience for them.

Deployment Strategy

Infrastructure Cost Optimization

Scalable solutions are designed to accommodate growth and change. Since your infrastructure is elastic, you can reduce costs by removing unnecessary cloud resources when you don't need them. This can be the time of day for a bank or a local store during the night.

Microsoft Azure Services

with a focus on scalability

Our technical team at SoftwareQ is a specialist in designing, developing, and deploying Microsoft Azure cloud services. We use other providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba Cloud, however, Microsoft Azure is our primary focus.

We design our software with scalability in mind. We can guarantee that you won't need to worry about performance or capacity issues by building solutions that scale out and scale in as needed.


API Management

Azure Service Bus

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Azure Key Vault

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Azure Functions

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Azure Front doors

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Azure Cosmos Db

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Azure Event Hubs & Event Grid

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Azure Traffic Manager

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Azure Container Apps

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