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Perhaps you heard of a micro-service-based architecture but are not sure what it is, how to build it, and how to use it in your applications. Our instructors have years of expertise in utilizing cutting-edge approaches to build and create corporate applications.


Our training covers various topics ranging from Micro-service based architecture, Event-Driven, and Message-driven architecture, scaling your app on Microsoft Azure, and so on.

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Our courses are hands-on training sessions where we will create sample products/services that reconcile with your real-life challenges.

Students can expect labs with code, theory, and lectures.

For companies

We have been in this industry for a long time and have seen fundamental changes. Our expertise comes from working on projects using different technologies and principles. We help you to build sustainable solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain, as well as Train your in-house development team to build sustainable and scalable solutions.

Reduce the costs of bad-quality software by increasing the skills of your developers and architects, as well as a higher-quality mindset.

Avoid anti-patterns, and reduce the delivery timeline and infrastructure cost by knowing the best practices.

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Our organization provides professional training solutions tailored to corporate needs, with the flexibility to deliver sessions either virtually or in a traditional in-person format.

Companies can also opt for our on-demand courses, specially curated for their employees. Stay in the know and ahead of the curve by subscribing to receive real-time updates on our frequent course additions.

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For individuals

Our online and in-person courses are designed for students at all levels of experience. We give extensive attention to real-world examples when teaching new concepts.

By completing our courses, you can ensure that you are raising your level of expertise in software development.

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