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Architecture Consulting

We assist you in developing a bespoke architecture and migrating your company or product to a new and modern micro-service-based architecture. We also lead your development team on this journey, ensuring that the result benefits your company.

Migrating legacy code to a new and modern microservice-based architecture

Migrating to a micro-service-based architecture is a complex and time-consuming task. We assist you in transitioning to contemporary architecture and guide your team through the process.

With the popularity of cloud computing, it's becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to shift their focus from managing IT infrastructure to growing their business.

Cloud solutions are far more cost-effective, safe, and secure than conventional on-premises systems. Microsoft or Amazon Web Services (AWS) – digital infrastructure partners – provide excellent facilitation to building cloud solutions.

Nowadays, it's rare to encounter an argument favoring on-premises software over cloud software.

Move your on-premises solution to the cloud.

Illustration of server in a system, showing network, storage, archive and data servers

Consult you on creating a customized architecture solution

As your extended team, we provide an architecture that aligns with your requirements and vision. We work closely with product managers and development leads to build a design that takes advantage of the cloud or on-premises infrastructure while meeting your performance metrics and timelines.

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