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Team as a Service

We understand that there are many challenges and difficulties when you are developing software, especially if you don't have the right team. That's why we offer services that help you find the right team to work with on your project.  We take pride in providing top-notch team for building sustainable and scalable digital solutions that meet your needs and requirements.

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Team as a service (TaaS) is becoming increasingly popular in the software development industry. SoftwareQ offers businesses access to a team of experienced developers with diverse skills to work on their projects.


This approach can be more cost-effective and efficient than hiring and onboarding new developers in-house. We can provide seamless integration of our team into your project and offer a range of development solutions to meet your needs.

Work Colleagues

Our Available Team

Our team has been working together on various projects in different domains, using. They are skilled many different technology stacks and language. We offer different pricing tiers based on the seniority of our team members, allowing you to select the level of experience that best suits your needs and budget.

Available from May 2023

Junior Fullstack


from €20/hour

1-3 years of experience

Mid-Level Fullstack


from €35/hour

>3-5 years of experience

Senior Fullstack


from €45/hour

>5-9 years of experience

Fullstack Lead

from €54/hour

more than 10 years of experience

Technical Team Lead

from €60/hour

more than 15 years of experience

Our technology stacks

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