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Is the Global Software Developer Shortage a Lie?

Is the software industry already saturated?

Should I become a software developer?

If you’ve replied a resounding YES followed by a NO, it’s time to take a break from the YouTube Videos or endless scrolling through Twitter threads on “how to become a software engineer in 30 days”. Whoever told you that there’s a global software developer shortage is telling you a lie!

The software industry is in fact overflooded with the demand of software developers where supply isn’t fully met. The great news is that there are many aspiring and newly self-taught software developers (as you may see on reddit threads) but there’s still a large gap to fill in the job market for software developers.

This article explores the three reasons why this gap is expanding exponentially.

1. The demand is sky-rocketing!

In fact, there’s an expected growth of 21 percent between 2018 and 2028 for the employment of software developers within the United States. This rate is even higher than the average of all occupations combined.

It’s simple as demand and supply! As technology progresses, so does the demand for software developers in the job market. By 2021, industry experts have calculated that there will be a shortage of 1.4 million software developers and only 400,000 software developer graduates.

In addition, Software Developers are the world’s most demanded profession, ranked by 24 countries as announced by specialist recruitment company Michael Page. This also takes into account the average salaries, work-life balance, and happiness scores.

The huge gap to fill for western developers is even resulting in more shortages in developing countries and tech companies are increasingly thinking of training their employees internally, without the need for formal higher education. Companies are looking left and right on how to fill their gaps.

2. It’s not just tech companies!

If you’re a Company, You Are Also a Tech Company. With the increase in remote working, it is more evident how technology plays a role in our lives. All of our devices are powered by software and powered by the magic hands of a software development wizard!

And as companies transform to more automation and efficiency, software developers need to be at the core to make it all work, across all industries. The sectors that are seeking further technological growth are healthcare, science & engineering, and trades, with the technology and creative sectors.

The beauty and uniqueness of software development is that it will sooner or later benefit any industry you can think of.

3. There’s a shortage of good software developers.

Only 8% of subjects in US universities focus on computer science and programming. This leads to a growing urgency for universities to keep up with courses that can respond to the current labor market demands. Nevertheless, you can respond to any specific requirements of a software developer job by searching online.

In Germany, there might be an influx of PHP developers needed, in San Francisco people might be looking for Ruby developers or C#. Find out what fits for you! We can say that there is a global software developer shortage of good engineers!

So what else needs to be done?


We need mentors to guide us from junior to mid-level developers and eventually to senior developers. It’s a fast-paced industry. So stalk that senior developer and make him your mentor!

On the other hand, most online institutions, courses, and academies offer online support and direct mentorship with access to a community of other aspiring software developers.

Education: Both formal and recent education solutions

This industry evolves faster than we can keep up with. The good news is that if you aren’t able to get a degree in computer science, you can immerse yourself into online courses and communities that will help you stay relevant.

The demand to fill the many vacancies of software developers across the world is only going to increase and the fear of a global software developer shortage will only diminish. We challenge you to take a step further and not only start your journey in being a software development wizard but to be a great one.

1. Focus on your experiences

2. Immerse yourself in projects

3. Build your portfolio

4. and don’t forget your soft-skills 😉

A shareable quote we have for you by successful venture capitalist Marc Andreesen:

“In the future, every company will become a software company.”


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