Software Development with C# 10 days

Learn C# with Software Architect and development leads from SoftwareQ who delivered millions of dollars of Software Solution in the past years!


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Chapter 1 : Introduction to C#

In this chapter we learn about the history of C#, where you can use C# and why we encourage you to start with C#. 

Chapter 2 : Anatomy of an Application

We start our first application together, we go through the anatomy of an application and do some cool stuff together. 

Our objective here is for you to understand how the start and we do lots of logical exercises and fun facts and real life example about programming.  

Chapter 3 : Primitive & Non-Primitive Types

We discuss the basic but one of the most essential knowledge of almost every modern object oriented programming language. 

Chapter 4 : Handling Date & Time, Iterations and statements

No program can work without proper handling of Date & Time and having iterations. From here, things gets very interested. 

Chapter 5 : Decision constructs and relational operators

When it comes to making logical decisions and conditions, your application plays a huge role in day-to-day life. Logics are useless if you cannot build conditional actions. Here we learn how to define the conditions and activities based on the conditions.

Ali Tabatabaei - SoftwareQ CEO

Ali Tabatabaei

Solution Architect & Software Development Instructor

Our sense of purpose in life is driven by discovering our WHY. In the seventeen or so years I have been making software development and architecting solutions as my career, my next challenge is to help others reach their best selves to all grow together.
My purpose is simple: To motivate, inspire, and be a why discovery companion – to make a difference in people’s lives.
My impact precisely as a software development manager and solution architect is to guide my team and the projects to better realize the design, architecture, and DevOps and assure quality and sustainability by improving the people’s mindset and making it their lifestyle.
I have experience in computers, going all way back to PC-DOS 1.1, with 128K and dual floppies. I began my programming journey in GW-BASIC 30 years ago and now have substantial experience in developing large-scale enterprise software solutions using the latest technologies.
In the last seven years, I am working with giants players in the oil and gas industry and understand the importance of data and standardization as the enabler of digital transformation.

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